April 22, 2024

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Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal Flowers

There's no better way to brighten your home than by filling it with fresh flowers. Springs and summer are by far the ultimate flora seasons for, but wonderful varieties are available year-round. And you don't have to spend big to get great floral arrangements. It's simple and satisfying to put together lovely bouquets yourself.

Visit local farmer's markets—most places hold them at least once a week—to buy seasonal flowers by the bunch. Or, seek out your local wholesale flower market. Although mainly catering to retailers, many "flower marts" are open to the public as well. Here you'll find armfuls of your favorite flowers for a fraction of what you would pay at a florist.

Shopping by Season:

Spring: Daffodils, tulips, Gerber daisies, and irises, are available throughout the season. Peonies and lilacs are beautiful and fragrant, although they are only out for a short time each year—usually late-April to mid-May.

Summer: Perennials and wildflowers of all types, roses, gardenias, and rununculus are easy to come by during June, July, and August. Try adding fresh lavender or rosemary or other herbs to brighten summer bouquets.

Fall: Deeply vibrant flowers like dahlias, chocolate peonies, and majestic sunflowers rule.

Winter: Evergreen clippings, holly, crocus, poinsettia make vibrant holiday table arrangements.

Once you've gotten your flowers home, the sky's the limit. Vases from store-bought arrangements you've received as gifts are great to reuse. You can also place long-stemmed flowers in pitchers or vintage wine bottles, float them in wide, funky bowls, or clip them short and display in teacups or espresso cups. Make sure to keep florist's foam in your craft cupboard. You can find this item at craft stores—it will come in handy when you'd like to try an out–of–the ordinary container.

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Seasonal Flowers