August 04, 2021

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For the Kids: Holiday Ornament Activities

The holidays are a great opportunity for making crafts with kids. As long as you have a few simple materials you can gather folks around the table and get ready to let your imagination run wild. Place materials in baskets within easy reach of small fingers, make sure you have plenty of craft glue on hand—and don’t forget the glitter! Whip up a batch of hot chocolate and some fresh holiday cookies and you’ll be ready to go.

Peek-A-Boo Tree Hangers

  • Interlocking clear plastic ball or star (available at most craft shops)
  • Short tinsel, in gold, silver, red, and green
  • Holiday-themed stickers
  • Ribbon for hanging

Encourage kids to fill plastic forms with tinsel (you can also try fiberfill dotted with glitter, or even use a hot glue-gun to place mini snowmen, santas, or angels) before clicking closed. They can adorn the outside with stickers, attach a ribbon and, voila! A new take on an old ornament idea (no Styrofoam or straight pins needed) that can hang on a tree or float freely on a wall hook.

Pipe Cleaner Peace Birds

  • Pipe cleaners (the fluffier, the better)
  • Multi-colored feathers
  • Colored tape

This is an incredibly simple and elegant ornament dreamed up by the most inventive 4-year-old that we know. The trick is all in the color combination. Cut a pipe cleaner to 6”-to-8” length. Attach one feather to each side using a loop of colored tape. You can simply wrap the non-feathered end around a holiday tree branch for a lovely “bird in mid-air” effect. (And the gentlest of breezes makes the wings really look like they’re flapping.)

Abstract Bead Drapes

  • Thread or multi-colored embroidery floss
  • Assorted beads

This is sort of a twist on tinsel—kind of like jewelry for your Christmas tree. Encourage kids to make varied beading patterns (you can help them make knots as needed), keeping some strands short and some long. They’ll have a great time draping these on the tree in whatever way they choose.